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Today we wanted to start at the basics of female genitalia, even if you think you know all there is to know when it comes to anatomy, a quick refresher can’t hurt. I would encourage you to read until the end…you won’t want to miss the last paragraph. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be like your year seven science class with 13 years olds sniggering at the back!

So, without further ado the female genitalia consist of the vulva and vagina, even though most of us refer to our vulva as the vagina they are actually two different entity’s. The vulva has the fleshy bit called the labia majora and the inner lips which hide the vagina called labia minora. Despite what the media and porn would have us believe our vulvas are very rarely symmetrical and come in all different shapes and sizes and all are totally normal and beautiful!

When we refer to the vagina what we are actually referring to is the muscular tube which dilates during sex and to let a baby out during vaginal birth, don’t worry it doesn’t matter how many times you have sex or with how many people your vagina will not become ‘loose’ so do not let someone shame you for doing what you want with your body, the vagina will just bounce back due to its elasticity. The vagina also has the vestibule which is the entrance to the vagina itself, further up the vaginal tube is the cervix which is the neck of the womb and opens to 10cm to let a baby out, I don’t know about you but I think it is so amazing how quickly our bodies can bounce back from literally pushing out a human.

The entrance of the vagina has some glands which when you are ‘turned on’ produce lubrication ready for penetration- having said this if you can’t get ‘wet enough’ for penetration use LUBE, I cannot stress this enough there is nothing embarrassing about needing lube, so many things can affect vaginal dryness such as medication and the menopause among other things, as always if you are concerned consult a doctor. KY jelly is a really good option as it is compatible with condoms and is also female friendly, lots of flavoured lubes can cause yeast infections and vaginal irritation. Anyway, we have gone down a lube rabbit hole, I will do a future post all about different lubes. These lubrication glands are called the Bartholin’s glands and sometimes can get inflamed and painful due to an infection so if you are experiencing symptoms of pain around the opening of the vagina go to your GP who will be able to check everything out and put your mind at rest. You can read more about the symptoms and treatments of the Bartholin’s gland infection on,

Okay so now we have spoken about the boring information it is time to talk about the clitoris which is the holy grail of female pleasure! Okay so now is the time to grab your partner to come and read this…. The clitoris, which is located above the urethra (your pee hole) is the organ of female pleasure, it is very sensitive and contains more than 8,000 nerve endings at the tip, the clitoris is like an iceberg it is not only the bit you can see as it runs all the way down and wraps itself around the vaginal opening. During sexual arousal it swells up and becomes erect like a penis. Although I am going to do a whole post of masturbation and female pleasure, I will quickly touch on, no pun intended, ways in which you can find and stimulate your clitoris to reach orgasm. Okay so at the very top of your vulva (remember the fleshy bit of your lady parts) you can find a little bump, for some people the clitoris is visible and easy to locate whereas for others it is tucked away underneath the clitoral hood, again don’t worry on the size of your clitoris it won’t affect your pleasure and all shapes and sizes are totally normal. Once you have located the mysterious clitoris you can stimulate yourself to reach orgasm by starting slow and experimenting with different strokes and pressure.

As I say I will go into more clitoris info in a future post but if you take anything away from this post just remember your body and its appearance is totally normal and why not start to experiment with masturbation to see what makes you feel good, so you can make sure when you are with a partner you can communicate what you like.

Unfortunately, we have come to the end of our female genitalia refresher, so stay tuned for the next post when we will be providing you with all the information you need on periods, I promise you won’t want to miss this, it is all the information the education system failed to provide us uterus owners with.

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